Sarah Treu


Sarah was born in the USA and educated in New York and has spent years working alongside businesses crafting their brands.

Her passion for photography ignited during her 6 years in New York and developed during years of travel overseas working alongside some of the top creatives in the industry.

Her background in Art and Creative Direction brings a unique depth to her work, as she understands the ultimate objective for any commercial image is to communicate a brand story.

Sarah has obtained a degree in Fine Arts for Design and studied briefly at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan, but she is mostly self-taught in photography. Her unique approach brings a great individuality and richness to her work. Her ultimate goal is to create visually arresting work that tests the boundaries yet still remains functional.

Her creative background, minimalistic approach and sophisticated eye convey a new idea of luxury - one that is human and inspiring.

Sarah is currently located in Seattle, Washington and is accepting bookings within the U.S. and abroad.